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NOTICE: In order to help stop the spread of COVID-19 all upcoming outdoor public events are on hold / cancelled until further notice.

We will still be offering home delivery - click here for information and to shop.


How Do These Events Benefit Charity?

10% Donated To Local Area Food Pantry

From every event we run, 10% of the proceeds from the event are donated to a food pantry in your local area.

So when you purchase steaks (or chicken, pork, or seafood!) from the truck, not only are you providing food for your family, you are also helping to provide food for a family in need in your community!


Why Do Families Buy Their Meat Off our Trucks?

By offering our products straight off the truck, we are able to eliminate the extra distribution costs and give you direct-to-consumer wholesale pricing.

If you're like most families, it's likely you buy your meat at your local grocery store, not off a truck.

...it's also likely you haven't spent a ton of time thinking about the journey your meat takes to get to the meat aisle...

If you're curious, here's what that journey looks like:

A national distributor orders meat to be sent to a packing house, where it is cut to specification, and loaded onto a truck headed to a regional distributor...

...it is then taken off the first truck, sorted at the regional distribution warehouse, put on another truck, then delivered to a local distributor...

...who then puts it on yet another truck to deliver to your local grocery store, where it is once again unloaded and sorted before it is finally put in the display case in the meat aisle.

When we take a look at the many steps involved in getting meat from the processor to the grocery store, buying it directly from the truck starts to make a lot more sense.


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