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Yes. Yes they are.

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Take your grilling game up a notch with Upper 2/3rd Choice Beef, selected for it's delectable marbling, superior textures, and all-around phenomenal flavor.

This ain't your average grocery store beef. We only accept Black Angus beef with the best marbling scores from within USDA-Choice grade so your steak will be as tender and juicy as the ones you get at a steak house.

WARNING: Please understand that this will get you addicted to great beef.

(For real though.)


I've never been much of one for chicken... it just always tasted too dry to me.

Until we found tumble-marinaded chicken.


Yeah, the chicken goes in a tumbler so it gets tumbled and shaken in the marinade prior to packaging. That means all the juiciness, yummmmm! and cha-chow works its way into the meat and keeps it juicy all the way to the center.

Plus home chef-ing just got super easy.

(You're gonna be crazy about it, too.)

Did you know someone got the bright idea of injecting water and sodium into most of the pork we eat and all the major chains went along with it?


Anyone want some extra-weak-sauce to go on their bland, watered down pork chops?

No? The sauce is weak enough already, you say?

We're inclined to agree. Let's cut that BS out, shall we?

When sourced right, pork can be both delicious and healthy, and doesn't need to be injected with water and additives.

(You're welcome).

Your culinary delights shouldn't be limited to the beasts of the field, amiright?

The sea just has such a delightful variety of flavors!

(Can you say De-LISH-ous FISH-es seven times fast).

Some of you didn't even try to say it. Shame on you, spoil sports!

For the rest of us, let's indulge in these delightful ocean offerings, shall we?

Why the heck limit yourself to one type of meat when you can Build Your Own Combo?

Yup, seriously.  You get to pick.  Not only is it amazing, it's also fun and you'll love the choices.

Variety is the spice of life right?

Each variety combo gives you (BOOM!) a nice variety of options and not only did we design these to save money but (yum, yum, yum, yum, yum) you'll be so happy when all the deliciousness of high grade meat overwhelms your taste buds.

Click each one and use the epic drop down menu system to build your own combo and substitute what you like best. It's the best type of shopping, and we know you'll love it.

True story:

When I recently served Wagyu to a friend, I started to ask him what he thought after he took the first bite.

With eyes closed, he held one finger up to his lips and told me, "Shhhhhhh. No noise now."

You know that feeling you get when you discover something so incredible that you never thought it possible?

This is the experience you'll have when you first taste Wagyu beef.

The phrase most commonly used to describe Wagyu beef is life changing.

I'm 97% sure they will serve Wagyu beef in the afterlife (at least, in the not-fiery one).

That said, if you don't want to wait until then... order it here.