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Grocery Store Beef Just Doesn't Compare!

Our beef is all-natural, contains no added water, color enhancers, flavor enhancers, or added ingredients whatsoever.

Most supermarket beef is not even close.

We select only the top marbled steaks from the USDA Choice grade category, so you get a steak with exceptional flavor and tenderness every time. We feel you deserve that.

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100% Grass Fed Beef

No Hormones or Antibiotics Ever

Because not all grass-fed beef is created equal, we searched high and low to find local ranchers who sire amazing cattle from Black Angus bulls, routinely seed and rotate pastures to ensure a wide variety of flavorful and nutritious grasses, clovers, berries, cow peas, and other natural diet for their animals to have readily available for grazing. The result is happier, helathier, and tastier.

Dry aged 28 days for superior flavor and tenderness

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Say Goodbye to Dry Chicken!

People often ask us what makes our chicken stay so juicy. The secret is in the tumbling process. Each batch is tumbled in one of several delicious all-natural marinades, which works the marinade deeper into the meat, keeping it juicy to the center.

Only natural ingredients are used in the marinades.

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Say Hello to Better Pork!

Like our beef, we source natural pork with no preservatives or artificial ingredients. We offer both marinated and unmarinated pork options!

(Dry-aged Texas Wild Boar will be available after November 1st).

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Seafood Lovers Rejoice!

The fish are amazing, the shrimp are huge, and the selection is delightful!

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Build Your Own!

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Customize any combination package how you like it. It's simple... and it's FUN!

Once you select a package you like, you'll be able to configure what goes in it at the product level.

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Nothing beats having a freezer full of the finest meats. Let us fill your freezer! You will be thankful you did!

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