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– Out of Stock – Dry Aged Wagyu NY Strip Steaks (avg 12 oz/ea)

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We couldn’t resist adding this to our product line

It’s unreal how a breed of cattle can be so far superior.

These Wagyu NY Strips are ridiculously marbled and they’re from naturally raised cattle (no added hormones or antibiotics). Each Striploin is dry aged to take tenderness and flavor to a whole new level.

These will take you into the stratosphere.

There’s good beef, there’s great beef, and then there’s dry aged Wagyu Beef

It simultaneously melts in your mouth and explodes with the richest, beefiest flavor you’ve ever tasted.

It’s so good it’s ridiculous.

You’ll want to savor every bite as long as possible

This isn’t a steak you gobble down. You’ll find yourself closing your eyes and sighing with pleasure as you slowly savor every morsel.

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1 review for – Out of Stock – Dry Aged Wagyu NY Strip Steaks (avg 12 oz/ea)

  1. lkimonolady (verified owner)

    These are absolutely amazing in every way!! Of course the aging made the steaks so tender and added the additional layer of flavor. The marbling on these alone makes every bite melt in your mouth like butter. I love how they are individually wrapped and vacuum sealed so that you can have them in your freezer for awhile. This way you can wait to feel like a special dinner or an occasion. Life is too short to not make every dinner deliciously special and these prove that indulging is SO worth it!

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