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1-inch Wagyu Chuck Eye Steak (6-8 oz/ea)


Where the rib-eye ends, the chuck-eye begins

When the longissimus dorsi and spinalis dorsi (the muscles of the ribeye) continue into the shoulder, they become a chuck eye. Chuck Eyes have the same great flavor as the ribeye and are almost as tender. Only a few inches of these back straps continue into the chuck, where they are overlapped by the larger, tougher shoulder muscles.

All the flavor for a fraction of the price

Because there is a such a small quantity of chuck eye on each animal, because it has a smaller diameter than the ribeye, and because it is easier to just include these in the first few cuts of chuck roast, these cuts are extra work and not as easily marketable as a ribeye.

Translate that for me, bro:

All the flavor of ribeye without paying ribeye price.

Did I mention these are wagyu? Holy marbling, amiright?

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