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Whole Black Angus Tri-tip Roasts (USDA Choice)

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A perfect cut for the family to enjoy!

Slow cooked, it eats like perfection.

Imagine a juicy, tender steak meeting a brisket, falling in love, and having a baby.

Delicious. Phenomenal. Lick the juices off your fingers good.

Barbecue to perfection and finish with a reverse sear for a deliciously memorable experience.

These are for the true barbecue lovers and come untrimmed with the fat cap left on, to keep all the juicy goodness inside.

Each tri-tip weighs between 2.5 & 3 lbs.

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3 reviews for Whole Black Angus Tri-tip Roasts (USDA Choice)


    very good

  2. Graham Wood (verified owner)

    Tri-tip was excellent, seasoned with a little steak rub, smoked for 2 hours (130F), medium rare, finished with sear over hot coals. Meat was so tender and full of flavor.

    • Ron Allen

      Yum. Tri-tip is one of our absolute favorites too. (One of the best things about being in the meat business is getting to eat like kings and queens!)

  3. Jay Jerden (verified owner)

    Did my 2nd Tri Trip on the PK today. It was amazing. Cooked 1-1/2 indirect heat @ 275 . I will definitely order more !

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