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Kurobuta (Berkshire Pork) Top Loins

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Is this the best piece of pork you could possibly get your hands on?

(Yes. Yes it is)

These delicious, natural top loins come from heritage-bred Berkshire Pork (Kurobuta), bred for its incredible flavor and tenderness.

Cut from the center of the pork loin, the top loin is where center-cut pork chops come from – juicy as heck, impeccably marbled, and full of amazing flavor.

Caution! Flavor explosion likely!

The Berkshire breed is renowned for its incredible flavor and superior texture, and the top loin is the one of the leanest and more tender pieces. Each top loin average weighs between 3 & 4 lbs (average weight around 3.75 lbs)

You can also get these in our Berkshire Pork Family Box Bundle to save extra cash…

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