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Seafood Family Bundle

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This is a seafood lover’s daydream brought to life.

We went the extra mile on this one, to make sure you get the finest seafood from all over the world, so you can wow your dinner guests!

With this bundle, you’ll be able to enjoy the finest offerings from the sea any time you crave them!

Industry leading vacuum-packing will keep fish cuts fresh and prevent freezer-burn, so every meal tastes like it came fresh from the ocean.

Check out what’s included!

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2 reviews for Seafood Family Bundle

  1. Mark Powell

    Our first time purchase today. I was very pleased with the different options available. Not knowing all the options I had to ask questions. The courtesy and friendly answers to my questions made me feel comfortable. I bet they are asked the same question multiple times and never faltered as such. They were very sociable and answered my questions. I applaud Ron & Kate for their hard work and awesome customer service. Now that we understand the options we will be a regular customer. God Bless, Mark – Plano Elks Lodge #2485

  2. Mark Powell

    a regular customer. God Bless, Mark – Plano Elks Lodge #2485

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