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1-inch USDA Prime Angus Ribeyes (14-16 oz/ea)


“Excuse me, but will you please stop!

Stop drooling on the steaks…

They need to rest for another 5 minutes.”

“Yes, I know that!

I know it’s hard to wait, but we need to let the steaks rest after taking them off the grill to allow the juices to distribute evenly throughout the steaks.”

“Yes, I understand!

I understand that USDA Prime is the highest grade of Angus beef and that you’re eager to dig in. I know, I know… I saw the marbling too. I know that’s why you’re excited.

I just need you to stop drooling on the steaks…”

(If you don’t have conversations like this at your house, you need to grill some USDA Prime Angus Ribeye Steaks.

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