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1-inch USDA Prime Angus Picanha – Sirloin Cap Steaks


It’s the queen of steaks y’all

Why is picanha called “the queen of steaks?” you may be wondering…

It’s because picanha, aka sirloin cap steak, is the most marbled and most tender part of the sirloin. So it packs all the flavor of sirloin without any of the chewiness.

It’s the steak that made the Brazilian Steakhouse famous.

Here’s how they look in the packaging:

That’s right, they’re all individually vac-pack’d, baby. To keep ’em fresh as the day they were cut so they’re perfect when you’re ready to cook ’em.

They’re about an inch thick to make it easy to get a nice caramelized crust on the outside and keep the center all juicy and moist.

The thin layer of fat along the edge of the steak will get all crispy and wonderful when you grill it, and drip down, marinading the steak in its own juicy goodness as it sizzles on the grill.

Here’s how they’ll look on your plate:

What’s that delicious smell? That’s right, that’s your killer friggin’ barbecue (or, y’know, at least it could be!)

It’ll make everyone super jealous of your cookout

All your neighbors knockin’ on your door, “when’s dinner?” (You should probably get extras for your friends!)

Grocery stores don’t have ’em, but we have your back

Obviously you should get some and have us deliver ’em to you. (You already know that.)

Just know you’ll be hooked. (But you already know that too, though.)

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