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*60 Portion Subscription Box

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From: $129.00 every 3 months

Enroll by the end of January and get free bacon or ground beef for life!

This *60 Portion Combo Box will have you eating great for many meals to come!

*(number of portions based on default starting selections)

When you’re paying barely $2/each for Natural Black Angus Steaks, Burgers, Gourmet Chicken, Additive Free Pork, and/or flaky fish fillets, it’s hard not to have fun shopping!

Don’t have a deep freezer? No problem!

This package is perfect for regular refrigerator-freezers.

Everything is individually vacuum-packed for easy storage.

Customize your box to include your favorites!

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

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1 review for *60 Portion Subscription Box

  1. Tim Fullerton

    Alot for the price

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