- No Longer Available - *60 Portion Subscription Box - Allen Wholesale Foods

Your order is guaranteed for 12 months in your freezer. If you don't love it we'll replace it or refund it.

– No Longer Available – *60 Portion Subscription Box

(4 customer reviews)

Enroll by the end of January and get free bacon or ground beef for life!

This *60 Portion Combo Box will have you eating great for many meals to come!

*(number of portions based on default starting selections)

When you’re paying barely $2/each for Natural Black Angus Steaks, Burgers, Gourmet Chicken, Additive Free Pork, and/or flaky fish fillets, it’s hard not to have fun shopping!

Don’t have a deep freezer? No problem!

This package is perfect for regular refrigerator-freezers.

Everything is individually vacuum-packed for easy storage.

Customize your box to include your favorites!

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

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4 reviews for – No Longer Available – *60 Portion Subscription Box

  1. Tim Fullerton

    Alot for the price

  2. suncrystals (verified owner)

    Good quality meat. They make it affordable.

  3. agnesmonzingo (verified owner)

    Good meat every time & affordable

    • Ron Allen

      Thank you for your review, Agnes, we appreciate your business so much, and are really grateful to be able to serve you and your family!

  4. emtguy75 (verified owner)

    Great food and price

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