- No Longer Available - *90 Portion Subscription Box - Allen Wholesale Foods

Your order is guaranteed for 12 months in your freezer. If you don't love it we'll replace it or refund it.

– No Longer Available – *90 Portion Subscription Box

Enroll before the end of January and get FREE bacon or ground beef for life!

Perfect for a side by side or mid-size refrigerator-freezer.

Enjoy amazing meat for many meals to come, without having to leave the house to get it!

Choose your own mix of restaurant quality meats:

Black Angus Beef that grades at the very top of USDA Choice, amazing seafood, gourmet chicken, or additive-free, tender pork.

You get to pick your favorite meats to fill up your box, so you can get the perfect variety for you and your family.

Get delivery on your schedule: you choose your preferred delivery date at checkout.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Use the drop down menus below to customize what items go in your box.


*Total number of portions is based on starting selections and can change depending on how you customize your box.

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