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*50-Portion Build-Your-Own Plan (New Enrollment Closed)

From: $119.00 every 3 months

New Enrollment for this Plan is Closed

(Last day to enroll for this plan was 02-23-2020).

Plan members can make changes to this plan below.

At only $119 – that’s less than $2.50 per meal – it’s easy for anyone to eat amazing!

We put this 50-Portion Build-Your-Own Combo Plan together to help families eat great on a budget!

You get to choose your favorites to fill out the box so it’s perfect for you and your family.

Enjoy amazing meat for many meals to come!

Choose from mouthwatering Black Angus Steaks, amazing seafood, gourmet chicken, or additive free pork to fill up your box!

Every cut is hand selected for superior quality.

Imagine having restaurant quality meat at every meal.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Customize what items go in your box using the drop down menus below.

Choose to receive your box every month, every other month, or every third month. Cancel anytime with no penalties.

New enrollment for this plan closes 02-23-2020.


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*Total number of portions is based on starting selections and can change depending on how you customize your box.


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