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Grass-Fed Freezer Filler Pack + free bonus items!


Package includes:

(2) 14.5-oz Sirloin Steaks

(1) 13-oz Flank Steak

(2) 1.5-lb Round Steak

(2) 1-lb Chuck Steak

(2) 3+lb Beef Roasts

(10)  1-lb Lean Ground Beef

(2) 1-lb Beef for Stew

(3) 1-lb Smoked Sausage w/ Garlic

(2) 1-lb Summer Sausage

(1) 1-lb Sliced Liver

FREE ITEM: Marrow bones for bone broth

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Eat healthy, be happy! Sustainably raised in North Texas without the use of hormones or antibiotics, this is 100% grass finished beef that is truly nutritious and guaranteed oh-so delicious! Over 45 pounds of amazing grilling cuts, kitchen cuts, roasting cuts, lean ground beef, and more, all individually vacuum sealed and delivered right to your door. Limited supply!


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