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Korean BBQ-Style Wagyu Beef (Bulgogi)

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Holy Bulgogi

(Bulgogi is Korean BBQ meat. “Bul” means fire, “Gogi” means meat. It’s ahhhh-mazing.)

Only natural ingredients are used in this awesome dish, and the thinly-sliced wagyu beef is insanely tender and easy to cook.

It comes sliced and perfectly portioned in 1-lb packages.

This is meal prep at its best!

Make enough for everyone to have seconds and there will be much rejoicing. (Seriously though… make enough for everyone to have seconds. Trust me.)

Since it’s already seasoned, all you need to do is add vegetables and stir-fry to your hearts delight.

(Don’t pass this one up. You’ll thank me later).

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3 reviews for Korean BBQ-Style Wagyu Beef (Bulgogi)

  1. hayesbey18

    The Korean BBQ-Style Wagyu Beef is AMAZING!!! way better than the restaurants!

    • Ron Allen

      glad you enjoyed it! We love it too!

  2. gayleroby (verified owner)

    Made stir fry tonight and all of us absolutely loved it!! Was so Tender and such good flavor. It will be a staple in our home as long as you keep selling it. Just Wonderful..!!!

  3. sst4200

    Loved it! My husband could not believe this beef is so good and tender. Really good!

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