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Black Angus Family Box (USDA Choice)

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Having great cuts of meat on the grill is as American as apple pie!

Nothing beats a great meal with family and friends.

We built this variety box to keep your grill happy and fill the air with the delightful aroma of sizzling steak.

Our industry leading minimum standards for breed purity, texture and top marbling scores will give you steakhouse quality results that supermarket meat just can’t compete with.

Because we know it’s important to you to have tender, juicy, mouthwatering steaks that make your barbecue the talk of the town…

Only Black Angus beef with the highest marbling scores within USDA Choice grade make it into our Family Packs. Less than 15% of Choice Beef makes the cut!

Check out what’s included below! (Customization available – use drop-down menus below to substitute.)

To make stocking up easy, and to keep your meat in peak condition until you’re ready to use it, we use a state of the art, industry leading packaging.

Each steak is individually vacuum-wrapped for efficient storage and to eliminate the possibility of freezer-burn, and like all our products, backed by our 12-month freezer-life guarantee.

This variety will keep your freezer stocked for many meals to come, so you’ll always have great meat on hand when you need it!

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Package includes everything listed below:


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1 review for Black Angus Family Box (USDA Choice)

  1. Richard Gerard Bartholomew Chef Richard

    Juicy tender succulents and very well marbled a little overpriced

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