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1.5-inch Choice Angus T-bone Steaks (avg 20-24 oz/ea)


Can’t beat the flavor

The center-cut NY strip steak on one side of the bone, and a few bites of melt-in-your mouth filet mignon on the other, to finish it off.

Chewing the bone is proper etiquette.

How could you not, when it’s dripping with deliciousness?

A steak with a big appetite.

These steaks can easily feed more than one. Not saying there’s a law about it, or anything, but this is a big steak!

This is a steak that makes your neighbor jealous that he didn’t get invited. Unless you invited him, which would be nice, considering you’re getting a perfect crust on a thick cut USDA Prime steak, the highest grade of Angus beef.

Marbled abundantly throughout, bursting with flavor, and oh-so-tender, it’s hard to believe you’re going to be eating this soon…

I’m lickin’ my lips just thinkin’ about it…

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