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Chicken Family Box:


This one has it all!

Gourmet Chicken Tenders, Legs & Thighs (Oh my!)

Check out what comes in it! (Substitutions available on request):

(3 lbs) Lemon-herb Chicken Breasts | (3 lbs) Southwest Chicken Breasts | (3 lbs) Unseasoned Chicken Breasts | (3 lbs) Bone-in Thighs, (3 lbs) Leg Quarters, (3 lbs) Drumsticks

Chicken dinners are gonna be epic!

Meal prep is about to get 100x easier and chicken like this is not available in stores.

Vacuum-wrapped for your convenience

We use industry-leading Cryovac vacuum-packing to prevent freezer burn in your freezer.

Only take out the portions you need for each meal.

Enjoy the peace of mind of knowing meal prep is taken care of!

Always have amazing, ready-to-cook, restaurant quality chicken available for any meal.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.

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