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(10 lbs) 1/4-lb 80/20 100% Angus Burgers

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These delicious 1/4-lb Burgers made from 100% Angus Ground Chuck!

These come in 10 lb cases, with the patties ready to cook from frozen. They are rolled so they stay flat while cooking (rather than puffing up in the middle).

Take ’em out of the freezer, let ’em sit for a few minutes and then pop them apart with a fork, and they are ready to go.

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5 reviews for (10 lbs) 1/4-lb 80/20 100% Angus Burgers

  1. Tina Peoples

    I really love these steakburgers. They’re easy to prepare and are very tasty. I love the convenience of the burgers already being prepared and ready for the grill or cooked on the stove.

  2. Herbert Harmon

    Looks good

  3. Herbert Harmon

    Looks great

  4. vicgalanti (verified owner)

    Excellent tasting highly recommend!

  5. lylevertigo-7764

    I really like these burgers, as I often have an issue with water breaking up ground beef while trying to shape them (due to ice crystals) if I leave in the freezer too long (even if vacuum sealed). The patties are thin, which is good for me as I use two of them to make stuffed cheeseburgers. I wouldn’t do an overnight dry brine with these, as they are too thin, but dry brining 2-3 hours prior will help get rid of any excess moisture and will help keep them together. Make sure to cook these off heat if using a pit. Using wood chips like mesquite really brings in the flavor.

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