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(44 Portion) Black Angus Variety Combo 2

$379.00 available on subscription

If you love having awesome food at meal time, but you hate having to grocery shop every week, this amazing variety will keep you eating great for many meals to come.  Each steak is hand selected for its superior marbling, and is processed from locally sourced Black Angus beef, aged to perfection and individually vacuum-packed for convenient freezer storage.

*(16) Mouth-watering Black Angus Steaks, (2) Big Roasts, and (20) Incredible Black Angus Steak-Burgers

**(4) 12-oz Boneless Ribeyes
**(2) 24-oz Porterhouse T-bone Steaks
**(4) 12-oz NY Strip Steaks
**(6) 8-oz Brazilian Picanha-Style Top Sirloin Steaks
**(2) 32-oz Chuck Roasts
**(20) 1/4-lb Steak-Burgers

*Total count and weight based on starting selections.  Customization may change total count, depending on your selections.

**Substitutions Available

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