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Berkshire Pork St. Louis Style Ribs

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If you’re wondering how to spell Berkshire it’s spelled B.E.A.UTIFUL

I could be wrong. The correct spelling might be D.E.LICIOUS…

But who cares about the spelling, let’s talk flavor!

And I mean F.L.AVOR! (OK, I’m done with the spelling thing now, I promise)

So smoke-able though!

Berkshire pork is one of the heritage breeds known for being extremely well marbled and exceptionally tender. Pasture raised on a natural diet, without the use of added hormones or antibiotics, these hogs develop incredibly tender and succulent meat, that is juicy and scrumptious to the last bite.

Each single order comes with either one singe rack of St. Louis Style ribs or a whole case order comes with 15 racks.

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1 review for Berkshire Pork St. Louis Style Ribs

  1. Tashanda Richardson

    Thhey was different size but they were good.

    • Ron Allen

      Glad you enjoyed them! It’s true there may be some variation between the size/shape of each rack (since each animal is a little different), but the average weight of each rack is 2-lbs/ea. So the three racks together will be approximately 6-lbs.

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