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Wild Caught Seafood Variety

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This is like going fishing and choosing what you catch!

Each package includes:
*About (35-37) Wild Caught Fish Fillets & (4 lbs) Jumbo Snow Crab Legs and Jumbo Shrimp

**(3 lbs) Orange Roughy Fillets – about 15
**(3 lbs) Cod Fillets – about 10
**(3 lbs) Swordfish Steaks – about 6
**(2 lbs) Jumbo 5-8/ct Snow Crab Legs – about 12
**(2 lbs) Jumbo 16-20/ct Argentina Pink Shrimp – about 36

*Total number of portions based on starting option selections. Further customization may result in more or fewer total portions based on your customization. Click each option below to customize.

**Substitutions Available

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