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54-Cuts All-Natural Pork Variety

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What makes our pork special?

We use natural pork with no added water, sodium, or any added ingredients of any kind.

Unlike Supermarket commodity pork which is pumped with up to 15% or more solution to “enhance flavor”, we choose only the highest quality pork on the market with substantial marbling, so no “enhancement” is needed.  (Plus we don’t think you really want water and sodium injected into your pork chops).

This package includes:
*(34) Chops, (8) Portions Ribs, (2) Roasts

**(8) 6oz Boneless Chops
**(12) 4oz Boneless Chops
**(8) 6oz Bone-in Chops
**(6) 8oz Bone-in Chops
**(8) 6oz Portions Ribs
**(2) 2-lb/ea Bourbon BBQ Pork Roasts

*Total number of portions based on starting option selections. Further customization may result in more or fewer total portions based on your customization. Click each option below to customize.

**Substitutions Available

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