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1-inch Ungraded USDA-Inspected Ribeyes (avg 12-14 oz/ea)

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Great for grilling

These 1-inch thick USDA-inspected, Ungraded Ribeye Steaks provide a tasty steak dinner for families on a budget!

With modest marbling, we recommend marinating and grilling for this cut.

If you’re looking for our best marbled steaks, be sure to check out our USDA Choice & Prime Black Angus Beef and American Wagyu!

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2 reviews for 1-inch Ungraded USDA-Inspected Ribeyes (avg 12-14 oz/ea)

  1. lylevertigo-7764

    My go-to steak. A nice balance between Tenderloin and Pecanha in terms of tenderness yet able to handle a multitude of cooking methods. Marbling and color is pretty decent. I eat these or Pecanhas when it’s not a special occasion.

  2. bob1046

    My first box was tremendous. Great looking, tasting and tender. When I run out, I will definitely order more or find their truck.

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