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Freezer Filler Specials

If you think deep freezers are just for apocalypse-averse-nut-jobs, think again (or choose a different category).

Seriously, you got a deep freezer for a reason, right?

(Shopping every week is bo-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-ring)

Vacuum-packing your meat is a great plan, (oh yeah, we did that for you though, because probably don’t wnat to spend your Saturday vacuum-packing a billion pieces of meat).

You’re welcome.

Don’t have a freezer? How ’bout we (drum roll) GIVE YOU ONE! (Excuse nullified.)

If you’re already the proud owner of an awesome deep freezer, congratulations, you’re obviously AWESOME and AMAZING, & you can get a FREE FAMILY PACK OF MEAT instead of the free freezer.

(train whistle announcing the arrival of the victory train).

Click each freezer filler to get in on it!

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