How the heck did we get into a business selling meat off a truck?

This is the story of how we got into the truckload meat sale business, and how we used it to build our own wholesale meat club that now serves thousands of families around North Texas, while simultaneously raising tens of thousands of dollars each year for local charities….

It’s not the type of story you’d expect of a BBB-Accredited business with an A+ rating…

...or a business with hundreds of 5-star reviews online…

It's not a perfect story. But it is our story.


Humble Beginnings

A friend of ours told us about how he was earning a living selling meat out of a deep freezer on the back of a pickup truck on the side of the road in West Palm Beach, Florida.

We were intrigued, so he introduced us to some meat brokers that could provide us with boxes of meat to sell.

We bought a pick-up truck and a couple deep freezers and went to work!


We didn't know much about meat at first

When most folks think meat from a truck parked on the side of the road, high quality might not be the first thing that springs to mind.

When we first started our business, the meat we had access to was typical roadside vendor fare - not terrible, but certainly not great.

Our business definitely wasn't all that it could be...

...but it had the potential to become something amazing!

We started to see the vision of what we were going to create.


If a thing's worth doing, it's worth doing well

While we may not have known much about meat at the beginning, we developed a mission to learn everything we could, and we made a commitment to source the highest quality products available on the market.

And by doing so, (and with a ton of help along the way!) we were able to turn a simple roadside vending business into...


A business we feel privileged to get to run

If we were going to sell meat, we were going to sell the best meat available, and we were going to sell it for the most affordable price we could possibly manage.

So we insisted on natural, additive free meats and we only accepted the highest quality grades on the market, such as our Upper-⅔ USDA-Choice Black Angus, and American Wagyu beef, our uncured Berkshire Pork bacon, or our fine selection of high end seafood (such as red snapper, orange roughy).

Because we insisted on a level of quality you rarely find outside of a nice steakhouse…

...the word spread, and our business began to grow.


Through the process, we fell in love with great meat... and so did our customers.


The more we learned about sourcing great meat, the more we came to enjoy it, and the more we enjoyed it, the more we enjoyed sharing it.

Repeat and referral business started to trickle in...

...and that trickle turned into a steady stream…

...until we had lines of customers at every event.


We had a new problem to solve.

The best type of problem.

Our phones were ringing off the hook with customers wanting to re-order, and our truck couldn't be everywhere at once. We needed a way to provide our products to customers in dozens of different cities simultaneously, without having to open dozens of brick and mortar stores.

So we came up with...


A solution for serving the whole Metroplex

We created our wholesale club to give our customers access to all our packages through home delivery.

Our team is now packing up and delivering dozens of orders all over the Metroplex every day!


We're thankful for the journey...


...and we're excited to see what lies ahead

The truth is, it wasn’t an easy path to forge. We faced a million challenges along the way, and we continue to face new challenges every day!

But overcoming challenges is what makes the journey rewarding. And we’re so grateful for everyone who has believed in us along the way…

...for our family, our friends, our team, and our amazing customers.

Thanks for reading our story!

-Ron & Kate Allen



Our Promise: From Our Family To Yours

We value your experience more than your money - if you are ever less than thrilled with any product, for any reason, we'll replace it for free or refund your money.