Black Angus Boneless Steak Variety Includes:

42 Incredible, Dry Aged, Hormone & Antibiotic Free Black Angus Steaks

(6) 10-oz Ribeye Delmonico Steaks

(6) 6-oz Tenderloin Steaks

(6) 9-oz Boneless New York Strip Steaks

(12) 4-oz Flat Iron Steaks

(12) 6-oz Tri Tip Steaks

Use coupon code hook-me-up and order by midnight 12/27/17 to get (2) 3.5-lb Black Angus Briskets & (10) 1-lb packages 93/7 lean ground beef FREE

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No longer just for restaurants

Ordinarily, you won't find quality that compares to our Dry Aged Black Angus outside of high end restaurants, where you can easily expect to pay upwards of $100 a plate.

Now you can impress your family and friends with our hormone and antibiotic free, dry aged Black Angus steaks cooked on your own grill at home for a fraction of what you would pay anywhere else!

When the occasion calls for an experience that won't be easily forgotten, meet it head on with quality you can count on!

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Why Buy In Bulk?

It's simple really. It's more convenient, more cost effective, and saves time!

Hormone and Antibiotic Free, Dry Aged Black Angus is hard to come by, and comes with a huge price tag at high end grocers, easily costing upwards of $30 - $40 per pound. By selling in bulk, we can provide you with amazing quality for a fraction of what you would pay anywhere else.

Be set for many steak dinners to come!

Take out only the portions you need for each meal, one at a time!

Because every cut of steak is vaccuum-packed and flash frozen, your steaks are protected from freezer burn in your freezer. We guarantee their flavor, freshness, and quality for 12 months from your purchase date.

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Why Black Angus?

The Best Beef Comes From the Purest Bloodlines

Black Angus cattle have long been known to yield the juiciest, most richly flavored beef on the market. We source our Black Angus line from the strongest, purest 100% Black Angus blood lines, and exclusively from cattle raised without hormones or antibiotics.

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Maximize Flavor and Tenderness

There is a reason the steaks served at high end steak houses are exponentially more tender and flavorful, and it isn't just the chef's magic touch.

It's the dry aging process, which breaks down the connective tissue in the meat, making it more tender, and concentrates the delicious beefy flavor! Now you too can enjoy the same steaks that are served at fine dining establishments from the comfort of your own home!

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Every cut of meat is individually inspected for quality, hand trimmed, perfectly portioned, and individually vacuum-packed for your convenience, and undergoes an additional level of inspection right before it ends up in your box.

Your Dry-Aged Black Angus Steaks will arrive at your door within 2 business days in a reusable Styrofoam cooler with dry ice to keep it cold

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Our Promise: From Our Family To Yours

We value your experience more than your money - if you are ever less than thrilled with any product, for any reason, we'll replace it for free or refund your money.